Give Electronically

Your gifts go to fulfill Christ's ministry through First Christian Church. They are part of your response to God's gracious love. Thank you for being a part our of ministry.

Herb Miller writes, "The goal of Christian stewardship is the faithful management of all that God gives so that God can use our gifts to transform us spiritually and to extend Christ's transforming love to others."

You may offer your gifts in Sunday morning worship, or you may take advantage of our giving online.

However you choose to give, monetary giving offers each of us an opportunity to follow Jesus Christ who wants us to give unselfishly as an act of discipleship.


Donations can be given to:

  • The General Fund
  • Camp scholarships for children
  • Support of eye clinic volunteer services
  • Other
If you would like to, please tell us where you would like us to use your donations. Add this to the Donation Description line on the form.